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1981 US Yacht Pearson design - knotvested - 11-04-2015

Have a 30' 1981 US Yacht we have completely converted to electric. 18hp electric with full controls from Thunderstruck. We love the boat but are relocating to Virginia and need to sell it. The full description is on the local craigslist.com . One does not need to know how to sail to operate this boat.

The end paragraph is also great because the 920watt solar electric system including 4 240w x 48v panels, MPPT, converter and wiring for an additional $2,100.

Notes: No trailer and we will not even consider being involved with moving the boat. It is in a 200' wide canal with ocean access to the Gulf.

They say the two best days for a boat owner is the day they buy it and the day they sell it. Well that is not always true. We love our Knot Vested and are heart broken that we cannot take it with us at our new inland location. So occasionally a boat owner is sad when they sell their boat. But, there are always new boats and new projects.