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Electric Outboards - jackb - 11-29-2014

Here is a list of some outboards available. Does anyone have any experience they can report on any of them?

Torqeedo 4.0
Minnkota E-drive

Anyone else build their own?

I made one for my 26ft sailboat from an old 4hp gas bottom leg,
and a surplus 12v hydraulic pump motor that I ran at 36 volts. A nice feature of the custom build
was I made it very long so the prop would stay in the water in a chop, which is always an issue
in a stern mounted outboard on a sailboat.
I will have to dig some pics out of it, it is still in my shed.

RE: Electric Outboards - smasterson2 - 09-09-2016

Several years ago I converted my outboard motor for my 22ft JC Tritoon 226. 10hp rated for 72v. Running 84v with AGM's. Will run for an hour at 5mph. Here are some videos:
This year I converted a 2016 Bayliner 175 to All Electric using Tesla battery modules for my go fast need. Here is that video: