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Inside Schumacher 12v Charger - jackb - 12-21-2014

Thought it would be interesting to show the inside of a brand-name Schumacher 6v-12v charger.
Here is the charger:


Here is the inside:


You will see that this charger is really nothing more than a transformer.
It has a 6v-12v-6v switch that selects which 120vac winding is used.
The output winding goes to a rectifier, that connects to a resettable fuse.
I would guess the rectifier is a single diode, so the output is only a half-wave.
It doesn't have any capacitor at all, so the DC output is going to have pretty massive ripple in the output voltage and current.  

This charger barely works for a lead-acid battery.  
For a Lithium battery?  Almost assured death.