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About jackb
Wanted to give a bit of intro about myself. I've been primarily a car guy, building/repairing/customing cars as my hobby, and have had three electric cars projects, my current one a Porsche Boxster.
As I like to say, I'm a "jack of all trades and a master of one", having a masters degree in computer science, software is my profession, all the rest is just a hobby, although I have designed and built hardware for commercial products, it certainly isn't my expertise. These days with $1 microprocessors, most electronics are actually software, the amount of analog circuitry used is always getting replaced with digital controls.

I find it surprising that while I did a lot of stereo installs and even wiring from scratch some of my custom cars, I didn't really understand electricity until my first actual electronic project for my '63 Falcon racecar which was an LED tachometer. It would display the RPM at the base of the windshield as a lightbar that extended left to right as the rpm went up. It was built using crude self-etched boards and LM3914 analog chips. Since then I've done lots of electronics projects and have learned quite a bit, but there is always more to learn.

In terms of boats, my first project was an electric jetski. I like to say it was the fastest electric jetski in the world, because at the time is was the ONLY electric jetski in the world Big Grin In fact it didn't go anywhere, as it was never finished. I also had a 26ft daysailer that had a 5hp Honda 4 stroke outboard. I would also have trouble getting that thing started, and after it caused a disaster from not started, I'd had enough,
and sold it, and built an electric outboard by converting an old 3hp gas outboard to electric.

I've got a number of things I'm working on, but my realproject is a 40-50ft cat/tri cruising yacht
that will be powered by solar primarily I hope. This will be a big project documented here in the forum.

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